Planning the Perfect Corporate Event in Newport Harbor

Corporate events are getting increasingly popular among businesses with every passing day. If you are planning on pulling it off at Newport Harbor, this is your guide to ace it!

What is the Celebration about?

Planning a corporate event is a gigantic task and to begin with, it is crucial to understand the basic needs and expectations of the event.

What is the event all about? What kind of crowd will it cater to?

Corporate events can be held for multiple reasons. It could be a holiday celebration, a team building exercise, a customer appreciation function, thanking a vendor, the traditional company picnic, celebrating recent success or a physical activities/sporting event.

The purpose of the event is your prime guideline to the kind of music, food, décor and other arrangements that are going to be needed to compliment it. It also serves as a parameter to decide what budget limit to set for the event and how far you are willing to compromise on it.

Enjoying it at NewportHarbor

An outdoor event has its own set of charms, providing the ultimate soothing retreat that is bound to please your employees and clients alike, enticing them for more. The beautiful setting of the waters, with nature to enjoy in abundance never fails to impress and creates the ultimate environment to indulge in.

The Newport Harbor is known for being a calm, clean beach that is buzzing with activities that cater to the interests of each size and age groups visiting it. The range of products and services available make it an ideal location as it gets easy to incorporate several options deemed necessary to cater to the needs of the event.

Great Activities to Do

Wondering what activities to include in your corporate event?

Newport Pontoons can help design the perfect corporate event for you. Promising to deliver an unforgettable and enjoyable event, Newport Pontoons have all the facilities to provide you the perfect solution and an experience that will leave you craving for more.

Here are some great things on offer:

Spacious Interior

Newport Pontoons has numerous boat options to choose from. The spacious boats vary in size and can be chosen as per the number of people that need to be accommodated. The interior of the boats allow flexible movement of the entire crowd and chances to enjoy everyone’s company.

Great Sight Seeing

The Newport Harbor offers spectacular views for sightseeing.Along with the great waves, some great places for sightseeing include Balboa Island, Orange county museum of art, Newport Harbor national museum and Corona del Mar state beach.

Dinner on the Boat

When there is delicious dinner complimenting your boat ride, it makes the event go memorable! Dinner can be comfortably enjoyed at of the boat, catered by Newport Pontoons or by BBQing it yourself.

Dock and Dine at a Local Restaurant

If you choose to opt out of having food on the boat, you can avail the dock and dine option. A number of local restaurants provide delicious foods that would entice your taste buds. Let Newport Pontoons book you a reservation at a local restaurant to try out some great food.


Get in touch now! Plan the perfect corporate event with Newport Pontoons!