Maintenance Tips for your Avalon Pontoon Boat

Owning an Avalon Pontoon can be a matter of pride for any owner who loves water sports and likes to relax in the comfort of nature. However, to continue to enjoy using your Avalon pontoon with the same great experience each time, it is important that the boat is kept well maintained.

Why is it Important?

Unwanted damage and corrosion if left ignored can lead to speedy depreciation and hefty expenses on repairs. Proper maintenance is important in continuing top performance of the boat, and strengthening its life for years to come.

Getting your boat properly checked periodically by your dealer and taking precautions to prevent possible damage would ensure safety and continued benefits of owning an Avalon, enabling you to enjoy this luxury as often as desired without any worries, hassles or issues.

How to Maintain Your Avalon Pontoon?

Timely care and attention is essential to keeping your boat in top-notch condition. Here are five great maintenance tips to help you through:

1. Want to prevent your boat from suffering from critter access and sun fading? Remember to cover it up! During winters, the boat can be shrink-wrapped and parked in a enclosed space. The inside storage helps preserve the quality.  Seek the help of your dealer to get this done.

2.  Regularly check for dents and leaks. In case you come across any, get in touch with the dealer at the earliest and get it fixed right away.

3. Have you been using the boat in salty waters by any chance? If yes, then the engine must be flushed after use. Thoroughly clean the boat’s bottom to prevent any salt build up. It’s essential if the boat is being left in salt water to have the bottom painted by your dealer.

4. For deck cleaning, use a non-skid cleaning solution only for scrubbing.

5. Lastly, get the boat waxed every few months to preserve maximum quality.

If the pontoon needs welding to re-seal, let the dealer do it for you!

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