Enjoy the Perfect Outing in Newport Harbor on an Avalon Catalina Entertainer 24′

Avalon Pontoon Boating at Newport Harbor

The spacious and luxurious Avalon Pontoons have been witnessed around the U.S in different lakes and inland waterways. Newport Pontoons gives you the amazing opportunity to enjoy cruising in style with a wide range of Avalon pontoon boats available for rent and sale.

Newport Pontoons is an authorized dealer for the Avalon pontoons for Southern California and is dedicated to facilitating your cruise around Newport Harbor in style with an Avalon pontoon. Its highly skilled team is committed to providing remarkable customer services, along with unmatched quality standards and an economical price range that is easy on your pocket.

Avalon Catalina Entertainer 24’

The Avalon Catalina Entertainer 24’ is an amazing cruise, with features you would fall in love with. The cruise is spacious enough to accommodate 12 people on board.

Its features include Seats 12, life vests, upgraded captain chair for the seating, a bar, a cooler filled with ice, an upgraded Bluetooth stereo connection, a canopy with overhead lighting, vinyl flooring, portable cup holders, a grill and a premium lighting package, rear underwater lights and light under the rub rail. All the lights provided are ideal for night use.

Boat Rental Rates

The Avalon Catalina Entertainer 24’ can be rented for 2 or more hours. The boat rental rates for the Avalon Catalina Entertainer from Monday to Thursday are $125 for 1 hour, $250 for 2 hours, $375 for 3 hours, $500 for 4 hours, $600 for 5 hours and $720 for 6 hours.

The rates from Friday to Sunday are $150 for 1 hour, $300 for 2 hours, $450 for 3 hours, $600 for 4 hours, $720 for 5 hours and $864 for 6 hours.

If you plan to have a half-day or full day trip and want to rent for more than 6 hours, Newport Pontoons will provide you with special rates for it.

Planning the Perfect Outing

Newport Pontoons can assist you in planning the perfect outing on an Avalon Catalina Entertainer. Choose the activities of your interest and the group accompanying you and let Newport Pontoons cater to all the arrangements.

Who is accompanying you? You can plan the outing with your family, friends or co-workers.!


Making a Reservation

Does the Avalon Catalina Entertainer excite you? Take advantage of this splendid cruise now! It could be the most memorable trip you ever had! The much needed relaxation break you have been looking forward to.

Make a reservation now! Wondering how? Simple!  Make a call.

Newport Pontoons can be reached from Monday to Sunday between 10am-6pm at 949-631-3333.